Robert Carr started a Special Needs Taekwon-Do program in his Lower Sackville club, helping boost self-esteem for people aged 8 to 38.

The continued benefits and impacts of Taekwon-Do on the lives of special needs in the community continues to grow strong internationally.
In Canada a recent grading took place at Master Rob Carr’s Dojang. There was a total of 6 who tested for the first time who managed to impress the examining table with their front, side, turning and back kicks. Not only did the students have to perform their kicks, but they had to perform the fundamental exercises Saju Jirugi and Saju Makgi. Students were required to demonstrate their theory and etiquette.
“With learning the martial arts, besides developing a level of confidence being a big one, they’re noticing differences when they’re in school and with their social interactions,” said Master Carr.
 He added the special needs Taekwon-Do class has had a positive impact for participants and the community.
“The challenges they experienced, honestly these guys took to the program immediately. Some struggled with listening and attention. Another who has a physical deformity had some mobility and flexibility. All have notably grown and improved with their physical and mental challenges.”
With the program officially launched Nov 2015 there’s even more great opportunities down the path for Master Carr’s special needs students.
“Just seeing the smile that’s on their face at the end of every class, they come in, they’re excited to be here,” Carr said. “At the end of the class the smile is still there just as vibrant as when it was when they came through the door.”
Master Rob Carr was one of the first Instructors in Canada to purchase the Special Needs Taekwon-Do Book created by Ben Evans. The FIRST to ever buy one was also from Canada who was Ms. October Newton!
We look forward to continue following the developments of Master Carr’s Special Needs Taekwon-Do.