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This article is about Mr. Kye Todd in South Australia who runs Azure Taekwon-Do Mount Gambier. He is a 4th degree. Interviewed by Ben Evans.

Recently Mr. Kye Todd was approached by parents who knew of one young man who joined his club September 2015 who had Autism. Through the significant benefits and changes from Taekwon-Do to this child, more and more parents heard about the great achievements made.

Mr. Kye Todd has recently been approached by 3 schools to run after school special needs Taekwon-Do classes.

“One of the main barriers to working with the special needs students was not knowing what to teach with regards to syllabus. Not to do sparring either. First initial training I wondered can I teach this, can I teach that? I don’t want the student to misuse Taekwon-Do in public.” Kye said.

The special needs Taekwon-Do first started for Mr. Kye Todd 22nd April 2016. He has had some success with a recent special needs student who graded the first time.

Some of the challenges faced with teaching inside of a mainstream class was the lack of support to the special needs student. Since then, he has been asking assistant instructors to help and work with the special needs while at training.

Mr. Kye Todd felt that students who were integrated into mainstream training were capable but felt they needed some extra help and work before attending the classes and being integrated. As a result, he has set up a special needs class to help and support the vast different abilities of ages and level.

Overall, it was felt by Mr. Kye Todd that many schools and clubs rejected special needs in his community. So he felt he was bridging that gap between the community and giving great opportunity. “It is good to prove they can do it.”

Mr. Kye Todd purchased the Special Needs Taekwon-Do Book before starting teaching special needs which he said gave him a good understanding of what was involved for special needs students.

“This is an excellent example of Instructors taking initiative and supporting the community 100%. I see that Mr. Kye Todd has a good heart and the special needs students are in safe hands. I hope that more will start teaching Special Needs Taekwon-Do in their country. Maybe in the near future there will be an Australian team coming to our Special Needs Taekwon-Do Championships here in New Zealand in early November 2016. What a great opportunity that would be for the fellow Australian friends to come across the ditch!” Ben Evans